Thursday, October 25, 2012


This will be an open blog about feminism.  Mainly, I'd like to make an open request that I have made numerous times before.

Let me start off by stating that I support the idea of feminism, equality between the genders.

However, that has never lead me to many of the same conclusions as the general feminists I have encountered.  Any time I post questions on feminist forums, blogs, etc., I am simply dismissed, ignored, blocked, deleted, or out right banned.

Let me get the areas in which I agree out of the way.
Women and men have equal rights and should be treated equally under the law and by society.
Women do have serious issues preventing equal treatment under the law and by society.
Most (all?) societies in the world are primarily patriarchies.

Now the primary area that I don't get when discussing issues with feminists is their obsession with the patriarchy.  It seems as if all of women's ills are blamed on the patriarchy.

So, if any feminists would be so kind, please provide evidence, or even a strong explanation, that the patriarchy actually causes any of the notable issues that women have.  Nothing I have read or been able to find actually shows any form of causation.

I will not moderate the comments and would genuinely like to have a civil discussion about the topic of feminism.  I am doing this here simply because every where I have attempted to do so is too heavily moderated.