Monday, September 24, 2012

The flaws of the Presuppositional argument.

The presuppositional argument for the existence of god basically comes down to "I assume god is true and the bible is divinely inspired; the bible tells me god is true, therefore god is true."  It's obvious circular reasoning and begs the question from the onset.  Despite the obvious flaws it is still a widely used argument for the existence of god.

1:  Circular.
2:  Begging the question.
3:  This logic can be used to prove almost anything.  I assume I am god.  I didn't know that I was god before now.  Therefore, I must have used my divine powers to hide my godliness from myself.  This illustrates my divinity as only a god can be divine.  Hence, I must be god.
4:  Evidence indicates that the original assumption is wrong.  You must ignore verifiable evidence to still hold the original assumption as being correct.

For the life of me, I really do not understand how any theist actually thinks this is a solid argument.  For once, I would welcome the input of a theist.  How can any of you actually believe this?

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